Spoke-n-Word Day 1 (Thursday)

Winston Plowes is already out and about, summoning up poetry from unsuspecting members of the public. Transcript of the poem at the end of the post.


The Spoke-n-Word

Poem 1 – Thu

Mr Greedy meets Mr Skinny
At the market
a big man in a tie_dye
meets red feathers
and a neon pink turtle neck

In this hot summer
cool and colourful
warm with laughter
where cider drinkers
don’t need tickets
to make music stylish

Whether you’re fine
wavy and brown
buttoned and bright
may your friends
always be helpful X

By… The Mears Family / Chris B / Ben / Meg / Tori / Sophie / Rusty / Sara / Rhiannon, Hugo & Adam


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