Celebrating our 2022 Blogger: Dominic Berry

Okay, so I know we said the previous blog post would be our last for the year, but we can’t really sign off without a nod to our amazing blogger Dominic Berry. Dominic has graced the Poetry&Words stage in a variety of capacities over the years, including a stint as Poet in Residence in 2017, performing a poem in the online festival in 2020, and a short, but very sweet indeed performance outside the tent for the BBC, which is hiding somewhere out there in the ether still. He is unfailingly supportive, unerringly enthusiastic and immensely sincere in his support for all the poets on stage.

Dominic Berry cheering poets on in the Poetry&Words tent

Whether the tent is crammed and buzzing or filled with a smattering of sleepy festival goers, Dominic is always 100% there with the performer, whooping, joining in and generally being the best audience member ever. If we could employ him just to do that we would, but tickets are always in demand and luckily Dominic also just happens to be an amazing poet for both kids and adults (check out his website for more on that), as well as having the ability to transfer that in-the-tent enthusiasm onto the page in our blog. So thanks Dominic – for the blogging, the poetry and perhaps most of all your contagious love of all our wonderful wordsmiths. We love you right back.

Helen Johnson, Poetry&Words stage manager