Glastonbury Festival’s Official Poet in Residence, Longfella, has been living it large this weekend. His appearance on BBC6 Music with Cerys Matthews can be heard again for a few days here:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0125pcn/Glastonbury_2011_Shaun_Keaveny_and_Cerys_Matthews_at_Glastonbury/  Tony aka Longfella’s bit is in the last 10 minutes of the show with his (written on the day) poetic tribute to Glasto stalwart, legendary dj and great supporter of poetry, John Peel.




Longfella and Cerys


He too has been doing the rounds of the other stages, tucked away in cafes and bars all over the festival site. Here’s a picture of him with a muddy beer – they paid the poets in cans of beer that had fallen in the mud. For health and safety reasons they couldn’t be sold to the public. Poets love to live on the mudtastic edge 🙂 



So having done his stint at Poetry & Words, off he goes to do his poetic duties …






Poeticat have been working hard all festival, doing gigs all over the place. There are lots of chances for poets to perform at Glasto; even if you don’t get officially booked for a stage there are plenty of venues looking for quality acts. We keep a notice board to let poets know where gigs are offered and P&W poets often pop over to venues like The Fluffy Rock Cafe (hosted by Denis Just Denis) to strut their stuff. 




Sunday’s Line-up at Poetry & Words



Poetry & Words 2011



With comperes Paula Varjack and Dreadlockalien

11.45     Pre-show with Benita Johnson

12.00     Anna Freeman

12.25     Poeticat 

12.50     Longfella (Website Poet in Residence AKA Tony Walsh)

13.20     Alfred Lord Telecom

13.45     Bohdan Piasecki

14.10     Matt Harvey

15.00     Pete the Temp 

15.25     Adam Kammerling

15.50     Furious George (2010 Slam Winner)

16.20     Pete Hunter

16.45     Helen Gregory and Benita Johnson

17.00     Glastonbury Festival Poetry Slam (hosted by Joelle Taylor and Sin One)