Andreattah Chuma by Olga Duprova

Andreattah Chuma by Olga Duprova

Poetry&Words is the only stage dedicated to poetry at Glastonbury Festival.  Each year we host a variety of poetic talent – spoken word and performance poets, rappers and even the occasional word-loving musician – from the newest names to watch around the UK and beyond, to world-renowned wordsmiths such as Carol Ann Duffy, Jean ‘Binta’ BreezeJohn Hegley, Phil Jupitus, Dizraeli and the Small Gods, and 2013 Ted Hughes prize winner for innovation in poetry, Kate Tempest.  The Poetry&Words stage at Glastonbury Festival was started by the late, great Pat V T West in 1992, and is now run by Helen Gregory. It is one of the best venues in the UK to come and understand how good poetry can be.

Atilla the Stockbroker by Olga Duprova

Atilla the Stockbroker by Olga Duprova

As well as a yearly line-up of unbelievable artists, the stage hosts Glastonbury Festival’s yearly poetry slam, an open performance poetry competition, the winner of which gets a spot on next year’s line up as well as a beautiful hand-crated slam trophy. Previous winners have included Luke Wright, Andy Craven-Griffiths, Steve Tasane, Hollie McNish and Toby Thompson.

The Poetry& Words stage is in the Theatre and Circus Area of the festival, opposite the Cabaret Tent and runs from 11.45am until 7pm on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival. It is the perfect spot to sit down, chill out and hear some brilliant poetry before deciding what to do later on.

The Poetry&Words crew for 2013 are: Helen Gregory, Jane Yarham, Paul Vallis, Jack Bird, Joe Sawdon-Smith, Jake Hutton and Mark Bothwick.  Our blogger is Hollie McNish.

Find us on …

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/poetryandwords

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PoetryandWords

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/PoetryandWords

The Glastonbury Festival site: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/theatre-and-circus/poetryandwords


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