Sign Up! The Glastonbury Festival Poetry Slam

After most of the weekend at Glastonbury Festival, you might wanna put your feet up on the Sunday and chill under the bright, bright sunshine which will be beaming down on your dry and unnecessary welly boots. Why did I bring them? It’s been so sunny! Have a local Glastonbury cider and listen to some bands. I mean, poetry.

Or…you could come and take part in

Glastonbury Festival’s only Poetry Slam.

Glastonbury Slam Trophy

Glastonbury Slam Trophy

The slam will take place on the Sunday at the Poetry and Words stage, from 17.00 – 19.00. If you fancy coming at 16.20, I’ll be doing much set just before. Anyway.

The Poetry Slam is a competition of poetry, scored by the audience. The winner gets a feature slot at next years festival, it’s a pretty good prize nah? It can be any type of poetry, haikus, raps, rhymes, sonnets, anything poetry all.

To enter, you just need:

A poem – 3 minutes or under to read, perform, shout, rap, whisper, whatever. Just not sung.

No props – no musical instruments, hats or backing dancers in glittery costumes allowed.

Sign up – come early to the stage to do this, say 16.20 in time for my set! There is only so much space for the slam so if you want to enter, you’ll have to get in there.

A smile – that’s a personal preference but I just prefer people who smile, especially when we’re lucky enough to be at Glastonbury. (You won’t get marked down if you don’t, but it will probably affect the audience’s scoring subliminally!).

That’s it. I can’t wait to see you all there and for those of you not, I’ll keep you posted on all the poetry you can swallow x

For now, check out Deanna Rodger, a previous UK Poetry Slam Champion, with a brilliant poem on where she comes from. She’s on the Poetry and Words stage on Friday 5.40 – 6.05pm  and   Saturday, 1.50 – 2.15pm.

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