Happy Sunday, folks.

Before I tell you how much I loved GOBLIN MARKET MUSIC (and I did *really* love them), I want to share a little about my mum and her sister.


Well, for starters, I wish she had seen this, as she would (and will) LOVE this, for reasons I will explain….

My mum and her sister are both in their mid-sixties. They were born and grew up in London, but now my mum lives in rural west Wales, and my aunt in a Buddhist retreat in Scotland. They have lived where they live for many years, and love their respective homes. As they get older, they might never meet each other in person ever again. They speak on the phone every day. They love each other very much.

How does this connect to GOBLIN MARKET MUSIC?

I am familiar and a fan of the original poetry from which this concept takes its inspiration, but GOBLIN MARKET MUSIC take the themes of sisterly love, world danger, and how far one loving sister will go to to save her sibling – these themes are really brought out powerfully by the shared vocals and amazing musicianship I heard yesterday.

I can be cynical of instruments brought to spoken word events. This is one example of a perfectly suited act, perfectly delivered, bringing tears to my eyes many times

The goblins are brought to malicious life by beautiful art drawn upstage, a mighty chorus and (importantly) clearly audible lyrics, which is essential for following the gripping narrative of these cruel creatures who put our protagonists in so much danger.

Of course, I made the connection between the women in this narrative (their voices beautifully sung by Jane and Jessie) – and my family.

Julian’s guitar and Jessie’s violin work wonderfully together – there are exquisite solos which carry us on our journey spell-bindingly – the melodies are strong and uplifting.

I adored the idea of one very specific story being told with such attention to detail and tremendous ability – i was truly transported to the land of the goblins and was with the sisters on every step of their adventure.

I have got my mum and me the CD, and I know repeat listenings will be enjoyed (I am one who loves looking at the cover art and lyrics when records have such things as part of their package, and GOBLIN MARKET MUSIC definitely delivers on what will make a brilliant birthday gift for Mum next month).

yay for love!

Thank you, GOBLIN MARKET MUSIC, and nice on Glasronbury for bringing us all together.

Tip top.

So, in the words of GECKO, ‘I Know I’m here, so let’s take a look around…’

Join us at Poetry&Words stage for our final day for:






16.00 DESREE


17.00 SLAM!

Super awesome wicked cool!

Bring on the LOVE!!


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