Boom shakka lak!

Poetry can be well hot, can’t it?

Man, I have heard a lot of horny poetry at Glastonbury Festival 2022!

Ohhhhhhhhhh yes!!


On the Poetry&Words stage, spoken word veteran Scott Tyrrell performed his hilarious MILLS AND BONE, a bromance between him and his … pet dog?!


Scott is an artist I have eagerly followed for a number of years now, not least of all at his many stunning Glastonbury Festival appearances. I always adore his mixing of deep, skilful poetics with genuine laugh-out-loud humour.

Scott’s ‘sexy voice’ he does for his dog speaking to its master is hilarious … yet, it can’t just be me who finds these many barotones proper erotic?

For real!

I reckon Scott is unique in his powerful pacing between the comic and tragic, hysterical and heart-warming – hearing Scott is always a full and fabulous treat.


We have Rosy hosting Poetry&Words stage this morning. Nice!

At Tongue Fu, I had the collar-adjusting experience of hearing her hot-as-heck poem for midnight fantasies; for feeling pathetic, lonely, desperate … and ‘kinda sexy’ … and (not gonna get too graphic on a general public blog) being on ones own and choosing to act upon such feelings in a rewarding manner!


Rosie is epic good. The poetry is epic good. Full of feeling, holistically gripping and instantly memorable – no one betters Rosie at what Rosie so superbly does.



Flipping heck, there was a whole lots of stupendous stuff in the set of Poet RS. They speak with great insight and empathy on ‘what is beauty’, and a poem is shared which is full of sexiness (Poet RS is a phenomenal stage presence) and tenderness and truth. An enrapturing delivery, from an artist relatively new to the scene, but with enviable lyrical nimbleness and lightning rhythms.

There is a lot of crossover in what I like to write about and what Poet RS shared in their set. My personal favourite piece from poet RS was CARTOON KID, simultaneously celebrating the animations of yesteryear, and delving into the morals and messages these seemingly lightweight entertainments can often contain.

The poem CARTOON KID influenced me choosing to share my poem 8 BIT BUDDY in my set, about my connection with retro games – and the ride such media can lead us on.

Nostaligia is alive and kicking!

Hearing of Poet RS’s journey from poverty was poetry was sobering, sincere, and yet … still sizzlingly sexy! Not wishing to distract from the sublime stanzas, but this is a poet who knows how to rock a mic, and leaves an unforgettable image in the mind. Exceptional.

Can’t wait to hear more as this is clearly just the start of what will be a long career for a talented human with much to say.


The rest of my set was a privilege and meant the earth to me.

THANK YOU Poetry&Words for booking me, thank you everyone who listened and cheered my verses – especially the new ones like CRYING CAFE and PLAYGROUND FANTASY on which I was a little nervous – saying lines so fresh from my mind. I am grateful and gleeful and buzzing!



Stay tuned to this blog for chat about the super open mic, hosted by the glorious Afrodita Nikolova.

See you on the flipside, folks!

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