Saturday super shining!

Today’s a wrap, good people!

Only one day left – but what a sensational day today has been.


Big big shout out to Afrodita Nikolova hosting the open mic.

Afrodita was so grounded, friendly and completely lacking in any pretension or potential to not be wholly inclusive of the crowd – a vital approach for anyone introducing potentially nervous open mic artists. The vibe was golden, and I have big respect for Afrodita for this.


Plus, the open mic was brimful of talent, varied voices and compelling content.


Victoria Shineman (pictured) was one especially awesome open mic speaker. Rocking the tent with a particularly poignant poem called From Glockenspiels to Glocks, the crowd were entranced- and an expert delivery gave truly heartfelt and awesome art.

Well done everyone on the open mic, hats off to all taking their latest or, in many cases, their first ever step into the world of spoken words. Join us join us join us!

What else?

We have had some really established names on this stage. Luke Wright, Murray Lachlan Young and Tony Walsh have all taken the mic and given their talent to our crowds. I feel really lucky to have such a welath of wordslingers here.

Tony’s set this evening brought tears to my eyes. As the headliner closing proceedings for today, his new poem about postcards and the deep meaning of travel connected powerfully with me, as did his celebration of the full history of pop music, and his classic LOVE MORE. I felt this piece especially sparking a thrilling sense of joy across the whole tent – a tangible aura in which it was a delight to be. Tony gets better and better every time I watch his work – I sincerely await whatever he does next – cos I know it will be brill.


Ok, friends, that’s your lot for today from me – although I do have much to share about how much I adored GOBLIN MARKET MUSIC – though I will do that tomorrow.

Cheers folks for a fantastic time.

party hard (maybe see you at McCartney?) and stay safe and have fun.

Love to all!



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