Anything I write about KID ANANSI will not do justice to this phenomenal, political, powerful, funny, hyper ball of pure energy and lyrical dexterity.

It were good!

I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing a Kid Anansi set before just now, and I could not have asked for more. Proper! I laughed put loud at the I AM SO STRAIGHT poem (drawing dresses on spider-man PJs so it can’t be said he slept with a load of men on top of him = class), I had tears in my eyes at the STAGES OF GRIEF, and have never shared such affection for a pillow with Ainsley Harriot’s face upon it before today! It can’t be easy choosing which props to take to Glastonbury, but this was indeed a prop well selected for a brilliant poem.

I particularly connected with the brace of stanzas with the repeated refrains. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN SO BROKE hit hard (for yes, I have, and the wit and wisdom of this piece cut deep!) and the lockdown verse, HAVE YOU EVER BEEN SO LONELY, was equally hilarious and shattering with universal truth.

An expert at the dramatic pause between quick fire rhymes and mesmerising imagery – KID ANANSI is an artist whose work I shall eagerly seek out to again experience.

You missed this set?

No worries!

KID ANANSI is back at the Poetry&Words stage tomorrow at just gone 2pm!



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