Poetry&Words stage poster! Meet Imelda May, Lauren McNamara and Joe Sellman-Leava

Check out awesome Scott Tyrrell’s sublime Poetry&Words stage poster! Isn’t it ace?! I love it. I always love Scott’s work.

Regular readers of this blog will have learned of my personal memories of hearing Scott say his poetry, and in today’s blog I am proud to give a bit more insight into the art and achievements of three more 2022 Glastonbury Festival Poetry&Words stage word-slingers: Imelda May, Lauren McNamara and Joe Sellman-Leava.

Imelda May

‘A Lick and a Promise’ is the debut poetry collection of Imelda May, one of Ireland’s most famed female musicians.

Following the release of her first poetry EP Slip Of The Tongue in 2020, this new collection contains 104 poems, including two each from both her father and young daughter. Using the themes of Breast, Below, Blood, Eyes, Tongue and Temple, the poems are written in May’s absorbing, visceral style and encapsulate heartbreak, sex, nature and womanhood. Included in the collection is ‘You Don’t Get to be Racist and Irish’, the powerful poem which was written in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and was recently used by Rethink Ireland campaign.

Lauren McNamara

Lauren McNamara has won numerous awards and writing residencies including the Poetry Ireland Yeats Tower Slam, the Munster Slam, the Galway Fringe Spoken Word Award and the Limerick Fringe Spirit of the Fringe Award.

Hello My Name is Single is Lauren’s comedic look at dating and being in a relationship. Lauren’s grandmother (who doesn’t want her to die alone) sets her up on a speed dating service where she goes on a slew of fast paced dates with some eclectic characters (including a socialite, a farmer and worst of all… an American). Lauren tries to find love and fun while still slightly longing for Sarah, the girl next door. With her granny breathing down her neck to settle down Lauren attempts and sometimes fails to deal with confidence, loneliness, love, friendship and the horrors of tinder to try and find some way to be happy.

Joe Sellman-Leava

Joe’s poetry theatre shows include How to Start a Riot, and Labels, which won five international theatre awards, including a Scotsman Fringe First, and toured across four continents from 2015 to 2020.

Fanboy is Joe’s love-hate letter to pop culture and nostalgia. Joe has started to sense something: a great disturbance in the fandom… When Joe finds himself alone, sorting through his old things, he finds an old video tape…and something incredible starts to happen!

Expect epic storytelling, razor-sharp impressions and a dose of theatrical magic.

Glastonbury Festival’s Poetry&Words stage is Fanboy’s first preview before the show premieres at Edinburgh Festival Fringe! ★★★★ (The Scotsman, on LABELS)

As you can see from the poster, there are still yet more amazing artists to tell you about in upcoming posts.


So watch this space, as we count down the days until Glastonbury Festival 2022!

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