Dominic’s memories of Poetry&Words poets Scott Tyrrell, Mark Gallie and Kevin Mclean

I love so very much being a part of the UK poetry scene. From my nervous beginnings stumbling onto the stage at Manchester open mic nights, to my early efforts at entering slams, to bringing a full set to Edinburgh Fringe, to touring my rhymes across the world, there’s not a day in which I’m not grateful for getting to do what I do, and my career is one in which I get to experience the art of supremely talented, charismatic and inspired folks across Great Britain.

Did you know that there is Glastonbury Festival Poetry&Words SLAM? A place where YOU could bring your own spoken word to perform…. with the chance to win a slot performing at next year’s Glastonbury?

If this interests you, keep reading until the end, where I will write more about how to take part.

This year’s slam is hosted by Mark Gallie and Kevin Mclean, two awesome artists from Scotland, who I had the huge pleasure of meeting at Loud Poets in Edinburgh Fringe.

Mark Gallie is one of the directors of I Am Loud Productions and has been writing poetry since 2015. He has performed across the UK and Internationally as a feature performer, organized & hosted multiple Fringe shows & monthly events, and supported Shane Koyczan during the Scottish leg of his 2019 tour.

Fellow I Am Loud Productions director Kevin Mclean is a multiple slam winner. His poem ‘Evelyn’ won StAnza Poetry Festival’s Poem of the Fringe in 2015. He has directed, produced, and performed work at the Brighton, Edinburgh, and Prague Fringe festivals, Wickerman Festival, StAnza Poetry Festival, Leicester’s Find The Right Words, STV’s The Late Show, and BBC Radio Scotland’s Culture Show.

My experience of taking a seat at The Scottish Storytelling Centre for my first time witnessing the depth, the joy, the word explosion of Loud Poets, was unforgettable. The attention to detail these two have as hosts, the energetic passion with which they carry a gathering of artists – it is wholly engaging, thrilling and laugh-out-loud fun.

There is no one better to host the Poetry&Words slam than these two living legends of the UK scene, and before we even get to the diverse and glorious quality of the slammers who every year wow the crowd with their wonderful words, Kevin and Mark will ensure the Poetry&Words slam is a must-attend event.

Equally, I am over-the-moon to get to hear both of them perform their own sets on this stage, as each wields accessible, excellent, enjoyable verse to remain in the memory and in the heart.

Yay for poems!

There is one more artist I am going to speak about today before writing more about the slam.

The inimmitable Scott Tyrrell!

I have seen Scott deliver his often hilarious and always marvellous recitals in his home town of Newcastle, at Edinburgh Fringe, at various features where he and I have been booked, in Manchester and Salford (near where I live), and many times at Glastonbury Festival. He is a one person tour de force!

Here is just one of his many mint performances….. I AM NAKED!

An award-winning comedian, illustrator and multiple slam-winning poet (including the BBC Slam and UK Anti- Slam), he has performed his work at Glastonbury, the Edinburgh Fringe, the Prague Fringe, STAnza, WOMAD, Larmer Tree and the Cheltenham Literature Festival. He has written for TV, radio and performed for Radio 4, Radio 3’s the Verb, Sky Atlantic, ITV, BBC4 and BBC Arts.

Scott is also the artist who has made this year’s Poetry&Words poster….

… but more on that next blog!

For now, I’ll just say how at Glastonbury, I adore getting to know brand new artists alongside hearing the ‘greatest hits’ of those whose work I have held in a special part of my heart for years.

Having Kevin, Mark and Scott at this year’s Poetry&Words will be all shades of awesome!


Now, a quick word on the SLAM, for anyone interested in taking part….

Important points the organisers would like you to note about the SLAM:

  • Sign up times will be on site and exact time to be announced. No early sign ups. You cannot message us in advance. Nope, not even for you!
  • Booked poets can’t perform in either this or the open mic, so this is a chance to air/ hear new voices.
  • Poets don’t have to memorise poems, but memorisation will be credited.
  • If you’ve signed up for the competition, you must present yourself at the side stage at the time you are told when you sign up – if you don’t turn up in time, you won’t be on!
  • It will be EPIC GOOD!

Keep reading the Poetry&Words blog for more details on the slam, more details on the featured artists, and… next time… the sharing of this year’s Poetry&Words poster!


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