Interview with Erin Fornoff

We sent interview forms out to our artists, and we’ll be sharing their stories here on the blog. Next up:

Erin Fornoff by Scott Tyrrell

Erin Fornoff by Scott Tyrrell

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Erin Fornoff


Twitter handle


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How did you get into poetry/ spoken word?

I moved to Ireland from the US and had the loneliest year of my life — starting writing almost as a way to talk to myself, and then my first friends were writers and performers. Being far away allowed me to try something new.

Who are your influences/ idols?

Saul Williams, George Saunders, Kate Tempest, Colm Keegan, Cee-Lo Green

What’s the one thing you’d like people to know about your work?

I use poetry as a way to figure stuff out.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in spoken word/ performance poetry?

Memorize stuff and don’t ever read off your phone in front of an audience.

Who are you looking forward to seeing/ what are you looking forward to doing at the Festival?

Kate Tempest, Hozier, Lauryn Hill, going into the underground speakeasy place in the woods, performing in a gang with the other poets.

Have you been to Glastonbury Festival before?


What’s your stand-out memory of the Festival?

Roving around the festival with the poets, performing in teepees and tree houses, caves and lean-tos, fields and bars all weekend-the absolute best bit. Also I made friends with Hollie McNish within the first 5 minutes of arriving and we’ve been pals for 6 years now. Also, as I was heading to the shower, Debris Stevenson and Koko Brown telling me that someone with hair as curly as mine should wash it with conditioner instead of shampoo, a piece of advice which changed my (hair) life forever.

What’s the one thing you simply must bring with you to the Festival?

Costumes and outfits

What advice would you give someone visiting the Festival for the first time?

Good lord, bring an air mattress.

Have you performed at Glastonbury Poetry&Words before?


What’s your standout memory of performing at the Glastonbury Poetry&Words stage?

Saying ’Hellooooooo Glastonbury’ then making myself laugh more than was really called for.

What advice would you give someone performing here for the first time?

Work on your pre- and post-poem banter

What words would you use to describe your work/ your act?

poetry, performance poetry, spoken word, live literature

What do you like best about doing whatever you call whatever it is that you do on stages?

Telling stories

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

My book is called Hymn to the Reckless and pamphlet is Folk Heroes!

You can see Erin Fornoff at 16:35-17:00 Friday; 17:10-17:35 Saturday at the Glastonbury Poetry&Words stage. Read our previous article about her here.


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