Introducing: the open mic, hosted by Liv Torc

tent outside

Time to tell you about the open mic! 13:00-14:00 Saturday. If it’s new to you/ you’d like a reminder, read on:

Stuff the organisers would like you to note:

  • Sign ups are once the tent opens on site (11:30 Friday 28th). No early sign ups. Nope, not even for you!
  • Booked poets can’t perform in either this or the slam, so this is a chance to air/ hear new voices.
  • Time limit is three minutes or one poem – whichever is shorter…
  • Please do bear in mind that this is a family-friendly event!

Fay’s words:

I am a sucker for an open mic, especially spoken word open mics. This is the place where the undiscovered treasures turn up. This is the place where people are performing for the first time, or the fortieth time. Where absolute beginners rub shoulders with those who’ve decided they fancy a bit of that open mic thrill, despite being veterans, because here there are no expectations. This is the place for new voices, new work, new relationships emerging. If I’m sentimental about open mic, it’s because – like at least 90% of the booked acts on our stage for the rest of the programme – that’s where I started getting to grips with performing, and with running shows, learning both what to do and not to do!

Luckily for us, we’ll be in the very capable hands of Liv Torc. If even the sliver of footage I’ve seen of her hosting is indicative of her style, it’ll be warm, friendly, efficient, and energising. Come on in and sign up!


I couldn’t find anything online which was footage of the open mic at Glastonbury Poetry&Words, but we really wanted to share this by Tony Walsh, so this seems like a good opportunity!


3 thoughts on “Introducing: the open mic, hosted by Liv Torc

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