Introducing: Paula Varjack

Paula Varjack by hannes frueh 02
Back to perform with us is Paula Varjack, 15:35-16:00 Friday . If she’s new to you/ you’d like a reminder, read on:

In her own words:

“Paula Varjack is an artist working in video, performance and participation. Her work explores identity, community, and making the invisible visible. Her latest show ‘The Cult of K*NZO’, a playful critique of consumer culture and high fashion is currently touring. She is also in early stages of developing #thebabyquestion with performers Luca Rutherford & Catriona James & dramaturg Maddy Costa, exploring the inevitability of ‘the baby question’ on women, regardless of age. Born in Washington D.C. to a Ghanaian mother and a British father, out of many cities she has lived she considers east London to be ‘home’.”

Fay’s words:

Like many of the artists I know, the first time I saw Paula perform was at Edinburgh Fringe, taking part in the BBC EdFringe Slam and competing with her now-classic “Dear Straight Girl” piece. Since then I’ve shared a few stages with her, from Other Voices, pretty much every year we’ve had it, to her glorious import from Germany – notorious competition/ showcase/ much-needed balm for the soul and uniter of spoken word scenes: The Anti-Slam, where the worst poet “wins”. Paula has a talent for bringing the cringe, the things people think but don’t want to say, the horrible anecdotes of microaggression, and leaning right into that discomfort. I’m probably not explaining this very well. Okay. She uses incredible delivery and stagecraft along with a wicked precision of language to simultaneously lampoon and decry power structures in our society. I’ve seen her take on racism, sexism, homophobia, the complex nuances of chosen and bestowed identity, and the way art is valued and devalued in one breath by those with the money. Everything that is wrong with our consumerist kyriarchy gets ruthlessly highlighted and deconstructed, and she’s still managing to make you laugh even as you have one profound revelation after another. And she’s one of the most burlesque poets I know, still, using costume and prop and music and pose with finesse to highlight all of this. Will this encapsulation suffice? For the moment, it will have to…

Sneak preview:


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