Introducing: Demi Anter

Demi Anter
Performing for the first time with us is Demi Anter, 13:35-14:00 Friday; 14:35-15:00 Saturday . If she’s new to you/ you’d like a reminder, read on:

In her own words:

“Demi Anter is a multidisciplinary artist from California’s Coachella Valley. She has produced poetry showcases and workshops throughout the U.S., and opened for artists such as Beau Sia, Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye, Kip Fulbeck, Mayda del Valle and Anis Mojgani. Her work has been published internationally by Spectrum, Almost Real Things, ROPES and Hedgehog Press, and was featured on Belfast’s Poetry Jukebox this spring. She lives in Berlin.”

Fay’s words:

Demi Anter is new to me but, from what I’ve gleaned so far from the sparse, slightly out-of-date footage I’ve managed to track down so far, I’m really looking forward to seeing her. She has that fresh, fast-talking style I’ve come to admire in quite a few poets from the current Glaswegian scene – mixing the personal with the political, blending what looks like acute nervousness with an underlying frustration/ anger at the way life isn’t (though it should be). Demi’s words come machine-gun fast, precise, and mesmerising; it could be easy to mistake her style for the much-derided (in certain parts of the UK scene) Generic American Slam-style, but, if it is American Slam Poetry, it showcases the best of that, as far as I’m concerned. I want to know more about this wide-eyed cynic, and I’m dying to see what she’s written in the years since the most recent clips I’ve found…

Sneak preview:

Half – at Words With Friends from Demi Anter on Vimeo.


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