Introducing: Courtney Conrad

Courtney Conrad
Performing for the first time with us is Courtney Conrad, 12:05-12:30 Friday; 13:45-15:10 Sunday. If she’s new to you/ you’d like a reminder, read on:

In her own words:

“Courtney Conrad is a 23-year-old poet born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. She discovered poetry whilst doing her undergraduate degree at the University of Birmingham. There she became Vice President of the Speak Out poetry society and created the Share Your Piece event, a monthly event focused around new poets sharing their stories. Whilst doing her Masters at the University of Leeds she competed at UniSlam 2018 event in Philadelphia, where she and her team received the CUPSI prize.

“She is UniSlam’s 2019 Coaches Slam Champion and Roundhouse Poetry Slam Runner-Up in 2018 and a featured performer at the UKYA City Takeover in Nottingham earlier this year. Courtney is also a member of the Poets in the City Producers programme. She has been the supporting act for American poets Buddy Wakefield and Alysia Harris. She has been mentored by Vanessa Kisuule, Toby Campion and LionHeart. Her poetry is an intricate construction of her lived experience, drawing on her hard-learned lessons with heritage, womanhood, family and race. Also, she allows her feelings to go skinny dipping offering very vulnerable and raw personal experiences on love, heartbreak and self-love.”

Fay’s words:

I confess: I’d not heard of Courtney before now, so I’ve been devouring as many YouTube videos as I can get my hands on. What I can find so far has me very excited – she has a way of drawing you into difficult, dark subjects via the everyday, and deceptively sweet or cheerful delivery. Her voice is absolutely gorgeous, whether accompanied by music or standing solo, and I urge you to experience her work in as many ways as you can. I’m really looking forward to seeing her live!

Sneak preview:

Courtney Conrad2


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