Winston Plowes brings his Spoke-n-Word show back for Day Two of Glastonbury, assembling a stunner of a poem from the assembled musings of random Glastonbury attendees.


The exciting markets were strange
surreal highlights of a yellow night:
My favourite colour, daffodils, sunshine and buttercups, the lemon in my gin.

Amber’s mothers poetry makes her life more colourful.
Red, white and blue, the colors of the soul emerging reborn by the sea, a living force awakened.

Happy random party people, peacefully dreaming, sleeping in red glasses.
Friends of the blues having too much fun in the meadows with toffee treats.
Protective and supportive like a well fitting boot.

List of contributors – Henry, London / David, Bristol / Dylan + Mum, Leamington Spa / Rachel, Greenwich / Jon, Greenwich / Rome + Lucius, New York / Verity, Hebden Bridge / Sue, Bristol / Julian, All Over The Place / Amber + Jaime, London / Cameron, New York / Mark, Manchester



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