Poetry is words made joyful.

Today’s group poem from Winston Plowes’ walkabout bicycle is one that reminds us again to shed of our skins, forget who we are and what we worry about and just dance, dance, dance!


Dance, dance, dance


Sharing the good times

the care free play times

in our watery love tent.


The sun is out so come outside.

Dance in the mud with the young blood.

Dance to the rhythms of the music.

Dance to the work of an artist.


Then wander the fields

in the dead of night

with a rainbow warrior’s colourful spirit.

Poetry is words made joyful.


Contributors – Rod, Myia & Dave, Ciaron John Rees, Mike ‘Dr Blue’, James Paul and Chris, Rachel, Luke and Kumbi, Aidan & Eileen, Dan & Nicole, Sarah, Nadia & Meher

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