Hope you like slamming too!

Our last poets have hit the stage for this year. Our wonderful and tireless Scott Tyrrell who has been behind the easel all festival bringing us live sketches of our beautiful poets as they share their words with our crowds, hit the stage again and gave a beautiful set. Replete with his character, Malcolm Odour and he ended with ‘that’ poem about interrupted coitus.

Then Rory Jones, last year’s winner of the Glastonbury Poetry Slam took the stage. 13521128_10209736544674963_1953731918_n

He was witty and brilliant as he told us his best friend was his beard and gave us the sounds of a late night Scottish street when you’re trying to get to bed. It was a pleasure to have him back after his well-deserved win last year and he and his ‘beige trousers’ did themselves good!


Now the slam, hosted by Michelle Madsen and Iona Lee clad in sweatbands and sparkly leggings, is under way in a tent packed to the rafters. The rain cannot dampen our soul-shaking festival spirit. We’re ready for festival fun, a Glastonbury ‘moment’ in a damp tent, a slam winnnnnnnerrrrr!

More coming soon



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