Everything is yours if you want it to be – Jodi Ann Bickley

As the rain descends, we’ve just had a gorgeous storm of a set from Glastonbury Poet in Residence 2016, the incomparable Jodi Ann Bickley.


She talked love old and new, she talked about motherhood – from the gorgeous tribute to the lushness her mum instilled in her from youth to the joys of raising her 8 month old daughter. I can’t really put into words the brilliance of Jodi’s work so instead I’ll just give you some of my favourite lines:


‘We are kids in our parents clothing’

‘No Instagram filters can fix the level of dickhead both of us can be’

‘Exhausted but in love, always in love’

‘Everything is yours if you want it to be’

‘Don’t let them burn your spark out’

‘I am in absolute awe of you’

‘Thanks for crying on the kitchen floor with me’

‘Tears and scars are reminders of how hard we fought’




Gosh that was lovely! Thanks Jodi – you’ve summed up our festival better than you could know, all of us here are ‘exhausted but in love, always in love’! Thanks Jodi, thanks Glastonbury!


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