’99 percent gay’ – Sunday Funday at Glastonbury

We kicked off today once more with the brilliant openers Poetry Can F**k Off and the ever amusing Antipoet. J J Bola was back with his searing analysis of the refugee crisis,the crisis of modern masculinity and the power of love to transform us positively.

Keisha Thompson gave us another set full of heart and warmth and she taught us what it means if you dream of fish in Caribbean superstition!




Murray Lachlan Young was up next and he gave us an energizing set full of song and warmth and humour. Hot on his heels was the fabulous Sophia Blackwell, our last minute wonderwomen who stepped in and saved the day – her set was joyfully  diverse and great fun. Clad in a pink tutu and festival face paint she spoke of being ’99 percent gay’ but regaled us with her tales of her brief adventures in ‘boyland’. Lush.

Following Sophia was our showcase Sunday poet, Tanya Evanson over from the US. She gave us a soft and gorgeous set, asking us to close our eyes, to find some calm, quiet reflection in the chaos of the busy. Here is Scott in the process of sketching her:


Next up we had the legendary Attila the Stockbroker sharing from his most recent work, his Autobiography, Argument’s Yard. He talks powerfully about politics and people, he shares an important poem about getting yourself checked regularly with the GP or as he puts it ‘getting your knob out for the doc’. Three Cheers for the NHS! He also shares a moving one about reconciling with his stepfather in later life: ‘look at me I’m 58, imagine what a stroppy bastard I was when I was 14 and a half! Then he cracks out the mandolin and sends us off with a song.


Next up is Jodi Ann Bickley, a firm favourite of mine, Poet in Residence for Glastonbury 2016 whose EU poem has been met with cheers and photos and solidarity as it is posted all across the site. We can’t wait to welcome her to our stage.




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