‘This is a club for weirdos!’ Morning at Poetry&Words

We’ve had an incredible morning here at Poetry&Words.  The Antipoet clad in ‘bondage kilts’ riled up and entertained a full tent as the sky flirted with rain!

Hot on their heels was Kevin P Gilday, thankfully not predicting the weather (‘just a trickle then a flood’). He spoke powerfully about toxic masculinity and politics and the tories (‘if you think poverty is myth then you’re definitely a f**king Tory’)

Our glorious host Sally Jenkinson lamented the loss of ‘chemical puddles of joy’ as she becomes a ‘proper adult’.

Dominic Berry was gorgeous and exuberant. He talked about politics too and depression and on coming out…as a vegan. It was ‘solid with stardust’

Brenda Ray from Seattle, Washington gave a storming first UK set, as she reminded us ‘there are some words too beautiful to be left unsaid’!


After her was the divine Toby Campion, an incredible, rousing, beautiful poet who gave us firey words on the Orlando shootings, homophobia,  austerity politics and of course, defended the joyful virtues of the Midlands (it is a real place he reminds us!) that left the tent enthralled and booming with applause and woops and solidarity!

Finally Iona Lee gave a Scottish slice of truth to the Poetry&Words stage as the deluge began to descend. Iona talked about Scottish politic, awkward parties and the tampon tax. It was lyrical and gorgeous.


And it’s only just begun…the rain is now lashing on our lovely roof and we’ll have more updates  soon

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