The more I drink, the more lovingly I think.

As the festival digests the EU news, we at Poetry&Words are sending messages of love with this beautiful group poem written yesterday by crowds of festival goers who stopped in with Winston Plowes at his Spoke ‘n’ Word bicycle which generates poems from its spinning wheels . It looks like this …


He’s been typing up people’s collective thoughts on a typewriter and he’ll be bringing us a new poem each day. And today’s poem is a beautiful reminder of unity between people, the joys of collecting together, drinking together, watching the world through the leaves of a tree or from the middle of a dancefloor : a reminder it’s always better when we are together.

Tree Gazing with The Mexicans

I spent all year
Searching for the land of the lobsters,
Celebrating their costumes.
My first Glasto’
And the more I drink, the more lovingly I think

Staring up through leaves
How happy can I be with the laughing girls?
I love rhythm and I love rhyme,
And now my life is so sublime
Discovering a deeper soul on this farm

Mexican people are so kind
Back and forth to crazy tents
On an afternoon of playful reconnection
With intergenerational plate spinners.

Contributors – Karl, Caitlin&Sarah&Bob, Megan Clough, Martin& Sarah, Angela, Lisa Bolton, Katie Andrews, Almost Halfway, Sam & Rachel, Lindsay P and Hannah P, Anon.

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