‘Friday nights are sacred’ Evening on Poetry&Words!

We’ve had an incredible afternoon here chez spoken word. Sophia Blackwell, Michelle Madsen,  Keisha Thompson brought heartfelt fiery lyrics to the stage.  Sara Hirsch reminds us ‘on day’s like this’ what we need is beautiful words and she gives them to us in flood. 

Elvis McGonnagall brought utter joy to the Poetry&Words stage this afternoon with a rousing, political set full of wit and warmth and Scottish politics. We’ve yet to have a pun better than ‘leap like a Salmon(d), float like a Sturgeon’ hit our stage, he ends with a gorgeous poem dedicated to Jo Cox which reminds us the power of hope:


“Rise up like Shelley’s lions after slumber, leave your mind forged manacles behind. Rise up and find the courage to be kind!”

The Scottish lion roars indeed.

Zohab Khan (all the way from Australia) is fierce, he follows Elvis with a brilliant set in which he stalks and growls across the stage, he beatboxes, he plays harmonica at the same time. He’s brilliant!


Next up are Jess Green & The Mischief Thieves, a beautiful band whose lyrical dissection of the current political climate feels urgent and vital on a day like today.  She reminds us that ‘Friday nights are sacred’, that together we can fight the things that oppress us and depress us.  It’s blooming powerful and beautiful! 

Then Jemima Foxtrot hits the stage, she’s a gorgeous mix songs and stories, lyrics and lilting singsong. We both worked on a BBC series called ‘ Women Who Spit’ together and she’s certainly a fabulous woman who spits on our stage today.


Then Buddy Wakefield mounts the stage in the foetal position.  He’s had a heavy night but the moment he spins himself into gorgeous spoken word whirl, it’s divine, it’s hilarious. He tells truths like it’s going out of style:
‘The only person you’re ever gonna get it be is you, so if you came in here dragging something negative around – let it go’
‘ this moment is everything happening at once, nothing excluded ‘
‘I’m pale on the dark side of my bright’

That was Friday folks! It’s been a hell of a day, full of referendum rage, political lyrics, fun, humour and an incredible Buddy. More tomorrow poetry lovers.


Have a great day and find the courage to be kind!

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