Nothing Comperes 2 U


We are incredibly fortunate to have the amazing compering services of Dreadlockalien and Sally Jenkinson this year at Poetry&Words!

If you’ve ever been to Poetry&Words before there is a good chance you will have heard the beatboxing call of ‘ Poetry. Poetry. Poetry.’ coming from our little corner of the Theatre and Circus Field! That wonderful voice of course belongs to Dreadlockalien, the top-hatted wonder wordsmith!  Birmingham Poet Laureate 2005, Dreadlockalien wanders the world saying poems to people, living a project called Poet Without Residence.  He co-hosts Glastonbury’s Poetry&Words stage and Shambala’s Wandering Word. Dreadlockalien is a trustee of the Green Gathering Charity, fighting for our planet.  Has poems that will hit you hard!


His partner in poetry crime this year is going to be the remarkable Sally Jenkinson. Sally is a poet who lives and works in Brighton. In 2014 she toured Australia, where she took her show ‘Folly’, to The Adelaide Fringe, with support from Arts Council England and The British Council.  Her debut collection of poems, Sweat-borne Secrets, was released in 2012 by very wonderful indie publishing house Burning Eye Books (they also publish me an’ all!)Her second short collection ‘Boys’ is on its way, set for publication in Spring 2016. She has performed at festivals and lovely poetry events all over Britain such as Glastonbury, Womad, Secret Garden Party, Larmer Tree, Boomtown, Shambala, Sunrise, Cheltenham Poetry Festival, Bristol Poetry Festival, Tongue Fu and Hammer & Tongue.  She is proud host of Hammer & Tongue Brighton and The Poetry Archivist in London AND she’s ace! We’re thrilled to have her hosting this year with Dreadlockalien!

As beloved Prince would say Nothing Comperes 2 Them! See you in the muddy field soon folks!

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