The One With the Line-up: Sunday Funday

The final day for Poetry&Words is shaping up to look a bit like this…

To kick off the day there are chances to catch up with  Poetry Can F**k Off at  11.15 and The Antipoet at 12.00. Following that are sets from the fabulous JJ Bola and Keisha Thompson at 12.30 and 12.55.

Murray Lachlan Young     13.20

Murray Lachlan Young.jpg

We’re thrilled to be inviting poet, screenwriter-writer and broadcaster, Murray Lachlan Young, to perform our Sunday showcase spot. He is one of the UK’s most prolific and best-known poetry voices.   He came to international notoriety through signing a million pound record deal with EMI records in 1997.  Subsequently he has become known for his numerous appearances and residencies on BBC Radio 2,4 and as resident poet of BBC6music.   Murray has performed commissioned work everywhere from: Shakespeare’s Globe theatre to the main stage at Glastonbury to Ronnie Scots to Test Match special and even the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Over the last five years he has branched out to become a successful screen-writer and broadcaster.  Co adapting the new movie version of the Dylan Thomas Classic: Under Milkwood – Directed by Kevin Allen and Starring Rhys Ifans.  He is currently co writing Waterfall – a new Kevin Allen movie set to shoot in the Autumn 015 and working on an anthology with Unbound Book. We’re THRILLED he’ll be joining us for a barnstorming set on Sunday.


We’ll have another great set from Sophia Blackwell at 13.55.

Tanya Evanson     14.20 

tanya_evanson by Temmuz Arsiray

We’ve got another Sunday showcase spot from Canadian poet, performer, producer and educator, Tanya Evanson. Her spoken word has featured widely across North America, and she has an award-winning videopoem, three studio albums and six artist books of poetry under her belt. She is director of Spoken Word at The Banff Centre, received the 2013 Golden Beret Award and was 2013 Poet of Honour at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. Performance highlights include the Calgary Spoken Word Festival, Bowery Poetry Club, Vancouver Writers Fest, Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Edmonton Poetry Festival, Words Aloud, When Sisters Speak, Ottawa International Writer’s Festival, Verses, CBC and SLAM stages. She has performed and taught across Turkey, Japan, Europe and North America as part of music acts Mercan Dede (Turkey) and Niyaz (Iran-Canada) and we can’t wait to add Glastonbury to that list.

 Attila The Stockbroker   15.10


Next up is a true poetry legend. Attila the Stockbroker. He’s done so much it’s difficult to know where to begin.Launched into public consciousness by legendary Radio One DJ John Peel in 1982/83, Attila the Stockbroker has spent 35 years touring the world as a self sustaining  DIY one man cottage industry, performing well over 3000 gigs in 24 countries and releasing about 20 LPs/CDs, 10 EPs and 7 books of poetry.  He toured East Germany 4 times before the Wall came down and twice more immediately afterwards, was involved in the first ever punk performance in Stalinist Albania and had to turn down playing in North Korea because he was already booked to tour sensible old Canada. He once stood in for Donny Osmond at a gig.

Previous  support acts? They’ve included Manic Street Preachers, Julian Clary, New Model Army and Billy Bragg.

Passionate, political and poetic, he has done every Glastonbury Festival since 1983 and we’re thrilled to have him back again this year.

 Jodi Ann Bickley (Website Poet in Residence)   15.40


Jodi Ann Bickley is a bit of compassionate, brilliant legend. She also happens to be the Website Poet in Residence for 2016. She’ll be sharing some of her work for what is guaranteed to  bring a remarkable boost to your festival Sunday. She fell into poetry in 2009 and has since performed her poems all over the country from festivals to living rooms and everywhere in between. She went on to start a project called ‘One Million Lovely Letters’ in 2013 where she invited people to email her if they needed a lift and she would write them an uplifting, handwritten letter. She has to date written over 3000, spoken at TEDx and has become a Sunday Times Bestseller with her book ‘One Million Lovely Letters’ which is all about how the project came about and what it has become. She once cuddled Philip Scofield and Stephen Fry called her ‘A Wonderbus’.


We’ll  have another set  from the hilarious and multi-talented Artist in Resident for 2016, Scott Tyrrell at 16.10.

 Rory Jones   16.35 


Our last set of 2016 comes from last year’s winner of the Glastonbury Poetry Slam 2015. Just before the slam action kicks off for 2016 we’ll be treated to a set by Rory Jones. He is a Belfast-based performance poet, musician and ginger beard owner. He has gained acclaim for his mixture of profound and silly verse, with topics ranging from love to mental health, to isolation, beards, history and children’s TV.  He is the current all-Ireland poetry slam champion and the 2015 Glastonbury slam winner – this is the closest he has come to doing sport. As a performer he has supported the likes of Hollie McNish and has taken his poetic ramblings to a host of otherwise respectable festivals, such as Lingo, Stendhal and Good Life festival. In his spare time he very fond of sleeping.



We’ll be rounding off another brilliant year chez Poetry&Words with the 2016 Glastonbury slam hosted by brilliant P&W poets  Michelle Madsen and Iona Lee. This is your chance to take to the Poetry&Words stage, show off your rhymes to the rest of the festival and perhaps walk away with a slot at next year’s festival and THIS coveted (and dare we say  BEAUTIFUL) P&W trophy…

Slam Trophy  2

Sign up available across the weekend on a first come, first served folks.
And that’s what you’ve got to look forward to, so pack up your waterproofs and whack on your wellies and we’ll see you in the muddy field!





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