Announcing a Fantastic New Booking for Poetry&Words 2016!

You may already know that Poetry&Words has an open call every year for poets who want to perform at Glastonbury Festival.  Most of our poets are booked through this route.  There are a lot of great reasons for this – It gives us (and you) the chance to hear new voices that we wouldn’t otherwise have come across; it keeps things fresh and exciting; it gives poets from far and wide the opportunity to be part of the action – I could go on.   One down side of this though, it that we can’t just book our favourite poets on the scene.  When a booked poet cancels two weeks before the gates open, however, all bets are off, and it’s time to start flipping through the phone book.

Luckily for me, my phone book just happens to contain a shed-load of awesome spoken word artists.  So, when Mike McGee had to cancel at the end of last week, I called up the fabulously talented Sophia Blackwell, and guess what – she’s up for it!  So, we can now officially add this sassy wordsmith to the Poetry&Words’ 2016 line-up…Sophia BlackwellSophia is a regular host for Apples and Snakes and guest compere at venues like The Ivy, Black’s Club, Madam JoJo’s, Soho Theatre.  We have been lucky enough to have her three times before at Glastonbury Festival, and she has also performed three Edinburgh Fringe shows, as well as at festivals like The Big Chill, Secret Garden Party and Standon Calling. She is a member of the collectives Short Sharp Shock and Other Voices.

Her writing has appeared in Trespass, Rising, Fuselit anthologies and Pen Pusher, the Oxford Muse book, ‘Guide to an Unknown City,’ and in Paul Burston’s anthology of gay short fiction, ‘Boys and Girls’ and its follow-up ‘Men and Women.’ She has also been published in Time Out and Diva.  Sophia’s first collection of poetry, ‘Into Temptation,’ was published by Tollington Press in 2009 and her first novel, ‘After My Own Heart,’ was published by Limehouse Books in March 2012.

Sophia will be on the Poetry&Words stage at 14.35 on the Friday and again at 13.55 on the Sunday.


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