A marriage proposal, the best poem in the world and the worst poem in Britain

What a first day that was! The afternoon was awash with rain and surprises. One of the biggest surprises happened when I left the bleedin tent, dammit! Dreadlockalien ushered the recycling crew onstage to get a round of appreciation for their efforts, but twas all a rouse! It was an excuse for Dawn from the team to propose publicly to her boyfriend Matthew. Congrats guys! I wouldn’t have the stones to propose publicly at the biggest festival in the world, but hats off! Quick sketch of the event I didn’t get to see (if the participants were cows).


The afternoon’s poetry was absolute top drawer. Harry Baker had the audience eating out of his hand with his joyous food-based pun poetry and his winning world champ poem – technically the best poem in the world! MC Gramski is a freestyling genius. My jaw was on the floor with the spontaneous audience-suggested ideas rap he rattled off. I am in awe of anyone that can do that, but especially to have it make sense and have an emotional core – that is something else!

Dan Simpson and Erin Bolens whipped the crowd into a warm fuzzy frenzy. This was Erin’s first booked gig since winning the Slam last year, and she nailed it. Dan was quickfire like a caffeine-induced hummingbird. I did my bit, including my winning Anti-slam poem (technically the worst poem in Britain).

Then Joaquin, our Friday Headliner (all the way from Texas) took to the stage and launched into a high energy emotional full-speed Rollercoaster of a set. A fitting end to a quality day.


In other news, our resident walkabout poet Winston Plowes has been busy making ‘found poems’ from members of the Glastonbury public. Made by editing together lines composed by festival goers with the aid of The Spoke~n~Word ramdom poetry generating bicycle. 2 so far…


Riding, falling and loving the broken track
is one of the reasons I always come back.
Leaning by the steel fence
equals a change in perspective.
Glastonbury is the incredible blur
running through my ‘be here now’ karma –
I am zen…
Contributors (in line order): Magano & john, Anon, Tyrone Joyce, Scott, Domimique, Maggie and A*


The climbing high 
and long slow fall
of a confused and caged pelican
breathing in a basket –
When the wheel is turning too fast just take a moment, sit back.
This journey into light is a wonderful ride.
Lady Godiva dispensed with her clothes,
meandering, weaving through the streets
smiles and cheers frkm all she meets.
Everyone in good cheer.
Finishing her ride, the lady got off the saddle.
Without my clothes i feel more joyful…
Open me up, bottle me down.
Contributions from (in line order): Anon, Paul M, Oliver Cryer, Gary Wallace, Mark & Gemma, Franca Westaway, Polly, Sam Marns, Kirsty-Ann & Pat, Hazel, Tristan White and Jonathan Sardari-Kermani.


Saturday Lineup…

(We’re aware of the typo. It’s currently being fixed!)

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