That’s all I have in my head now, thanks to Luke Wright repeating the line with relentless enthusiasm. It’s been a great day so far in the Poetry&Words tent (despite not being able to find our first act minutes before she was due on!) The Antipoet (as predicted) lured the punters into the tent with engaging cheeky filth and tenuous allusions to Voltaire. Our first compere Dreadlockalien grabbed some more punters and Rachel Rose Reid (now found) attracted some more folk into the tent with Rhythmic stories of global friends and strangers who are not so unalike.

Megan Beech absolutely smashed it! I drew a sketch of her whilst she was on stage…


Next up was the bundle of pure joy that is Wil Greenway with (for my money) the funniest line of the day so far “She had a smile like 2 unicorns fucking”. I laughed a lot.

The sassy Rosy Carrick then took over as compere who brought on Antosh Wojcik, whose wonderful warmth and energy built up a real rapport with the audience. I sketched him too!


Vanessa Kisuule was pure style, gorgeousness and open honesty. And she did the poem I wanted her to do (Personal Malleable Manifesto) with the wonderful line “Ignore the girls who’ll lick at the carcass of your inner demons”


Then Luke Wright stormed through with his lions, bullish dads and relentless energy.

More to come! And the rain has started…I sense the tent may get fuller 😉

Scott 🙂



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