HALLO & WELCOME! To the 2014 Poetry&Words Blog

Hallo! My name is Deanna Rodger and I am your poetry blogger for Poetry and Words 2014 – *applause, whoops hollers and foot stamps* and I can’t wait to get stuck into the metaphorical poetry mud, wading through words and rolling in similes!

So you may be able to tell by now that I am myself a poet and though this makes me hugely biased to the poetry tent, it’s blatantly the best place to spend your day before skanking hard in the dark fuzzy fun that Glastonbury can offer.

Why have I taken on this task of writing before, during and after watching the writers? What can you expect?

Well last year was my first year at Glastonbury and I frikking loved it! Sat on my bottom in the poetry tent listening to poets I usually only see online, surrounded by punters who whoop and cheer and chortle their best beer-ed support, I could hardly say no to being responsible for capturing that online. And that is what I intend to do.

This blog will slowly release the hand-selected line up, detailing where and when and who and why you should be in their faces as they take the stage. It will chat informally about certain sets and will hopefully not become over run by childlike excitement and bad grammar (note. I use the grammar rules of Deanna; lots of exclamations, random dashes and bracket overkill)

But, before the real poets are brought to the blog stage, let me introduce myself properly:

I am Deanna, I am in my 20’s and like to describe myself as a fun, gregarious character that has a unique sense of humour and a battery life that runs on coffee, dried mango and mint clubs. I am a Londoner but many holidays were spent in the countryside – wellies on, mucking out horse stables, walking dogs and eating bacon butties, so I am more than qualified to operate a smartphone in a pit of mud! – You can check out my online identity here www.deannarodger.wordpress.com and here www.facebook.com/deannarodgerpage and here @deannarodger


Here is a video of me in TedX action

and one from last year’s Glasto set

Ok first blog completed and signed off! The line up is to follow, so follow this blog to stay up to date

Deanna x


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