Welcome to Glastonbury Festival Poetry 2013

Hi. My name is Hollie McNish and I am completely stoked to start working as this year’s Glastonbury Poetry&Words blogger. I’ll be updating you on the absurdly brilliant line-up of poets coming to perform on the stage at this years Glastonbury Festival, as well as any other news, reviews or general things of interest.

What’s the news?

So first up, as you can see, we have a new blog site: poetryandwordsblog.wordpress.com. Tell your friends, tell your mum, tell anyone who loves or hates poetry. And especially anyone going to this years festival. But even if you’re not, you can follow us. We’d love it and I’m sure you’ll find some new poets who tickle you in ways only poets can.

Secondly, for the next couple of months, I’ll be releasing the names of all the performers who are gracing the Poetry&Words stage. I shouted with joy a few times when I read the line up and am sure you will do. Check out the poets, ring them with black marker in your brochures and make sure you’re not too hungover to see them.

Why am I reporting for the Poetry and Words stage?

Mainly, because I love the Glastonbury Poetry stage. It is brilliant. It is packed away in a peaceful corner of the festival where you can chill out and relax for the day before the night time festivities begin. And there are poets, loads of poets, each with their own sounds, words and performances. All I am saying really is that if you are going to Glastonbury, come and see us. It’ll be worth if. Some even say, it made their festival.

A small bit about me now. My names Hollie, I am also a poet and you can find any more info on me out on www.holliemcnish.com and www.youtube.com/holliemcnish. I love Glastonbury Poetry stage and have a very close relationship with the festival! On the way there to perform in 2009 I did a pregnancy test and spent the next three days watching poetry, trying to perform poetry without being sick and wondering what it would be like to be a mum. The following year, I took my baby to it’s first festival, watched more poetry, danced to Shakira and Snoop Dog and wrote this poem for the Radio 4 Poetry Diaries Glastonbury coverage. There are a few more videos below that too.

That’s it for now. Line up coming very soon.

Hollie x


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