Featured Artist: Adam Kammerling


Photo by Bohdan Piasecki


Q1) What is your connection with Poetry&Words?

I performed at Glastonbury, Poetry&Words in 2011. It was reet nice, so it was.


Q2) If you had to describe the Poetry&Words stage in just three words, what would they be?

Mudsurfer’s beach stop.


Q3) How would you describe Glastonbury Festival to someone who’s never been there?

It’s a city, full of nice people and loons, where everything is awesome except going to the toilet.


Q4) Can you name two other poets who you admire?

I can name you fifty. But today I will go for Sally Jenkinson and Dizraeli. Sally, for being a wonderful poet with a very distinctive voice, and for being an absolute grafter, a tireless promoter and a massively good egg.  Dizraeli for producing such consistently moving, excellent and articulate music. And for being a G.


Q5) What kinds of things inspire you to write?

Anything can inspire me to write. The most recent thing was an interestingly worded sign. Train travel used to get me scribbling a lot. New places always pull something out of me. Everything and nothing, basically. When the muse is there you have to grab it, wrestle it into submission and rinse it.


Q6) Where is the most unusual place you’ve performed your work?

On the tube from Victoria to Highbury. Raymond Antrobus, who is a bona fide BOSS, myself and The Ruby Kid performed some poems with John Sands and Ken Arkind from America. Surprisingly, people got into it. 


Or maybe Poland. At a dance festival.


Q7) What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on a follow up to ‘The Letters’ EP, which I released earlier this year. You can listen to it here http://adamandcuth.bandcamp.com  It was really well received and I’m very proud of it. Check it out.

I’m a member of the Chill Pill collective and we’ve got some great shows coming up soon at the Albany in Deptford. Follow @chillpilluk for updates on that stuff.

I’ve been working with a live band for about a year and we’ve been blessed with some cracking shows. It’s time we got in the studio, so watch out for that too.  I’m always working on new poems and tunes. The set has to evolve or I’ll stagnate and turn grumpy…


…’Lots of things’ is the short answer!


Q8) What’s the closest rhyme for ‘orange’ you can find?

I’m not getting pulled into this again. I once fell out with a housemate because they wouldn’t agree Don Cheadle rhymed with Hot Treacle. Admittedly rappers blur assonance and rhyming, but I say, ‘if it feels good, do it.’ Does that answer your question?


Alright, ‘lozenge’.


Ed.  Yes, thank you Adam.  I feel much better now! 😉


Q9) Can we have a poem please?

Of course. Here’s something a bit weird:


Q10) Where can we find out more about your work?

At adamkammerling.co.uk where there are some videos and a bit more about me. You can follow me on Twitter @adamkammerling or add me on Facebook at the same name. Or come to a show and ask me a question.


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