Saturday’s Line-up




Poetry&Words 2011

With comperes Paula Varjack and Dreadlockalien




11.45     Pre-show with Benita Johnson

12.00     Jodi Ann Bickley

12.25     Ralph Swift

12.50     Open mic (hosted by Pete Hunter)

13.50     Vanessa Kisuule 

14.15     Spliff Richard

14.40     John Osborne

15.05     Alfred Lord Telecom

15.30     Tim Clare

15.55     Joelle Taylor

16.30     Attila the Stockbroker

17.15     Scott Tyrrell

17.40     Anna Freeman

18.05     John Hegley


Friday’s last turn …Longfella



Last on stage today at Poetry & Words 2011 is Glastonbury’s Official Poet in Residence, Tony Walsh aka Longfella. Tony has been writing backstage at Poetry & Words today. Although he pretty much has access everywhere he must find it a comfort to return to Poetry & Words having set up camp in the Babylonian zone which is backstage Pyramid. Home is where the heart is and Longfella’s heart is set on poetry. He has been writing the poem of his life this week, commissioned by the trade union Unison … As a recently redundant public sector worker of 20 years, I have been commissioned by my union, Unison to write the definitve pro-services/anti-cuts poem I’ve written a 9 minute, spittin’ fire epic and it’s the poem of my LIFE. Everything else has been a build up to this. Unison are organising a press release and trying to get me on Billy Bragg’s massive LeftField stage as we speak…” So exciting news for Tony and we’ll be listening out for him on the BBC Radio coverage of the festival.