The poets have started to arrive …

The poets began to arrive in dribs and drabs yesterday evening. Dribs and drabs, in swathes of mud but high in spirit. In fact some of them are just high, generally 🙂


Here are Poetry & Words comperes, Dreadlockalien and Paula Varjack, along with Joelle Taylor 🙂






Paula Varjack



Dreadlockalien and  Joelle Taylor


The weather has been quite sunny with a few gusts of wind but the mud looks as if it’s here to stay. The festival is quietly getting itself into gear. The sound rigs are not allowed to go full pelt until tomorrow so the monster sound levels are snoozing. Arcadia has tested its roaring flames into the evening sky and promises to be as spectacular as ever. They have moved from just behind us into the next field so we have a good view. It becomes one of the most popular areas of the festival late at night so Poetry & Words is right where the action is in many ways. Glastonbury Poet in Residence, Tony Walsh, has been working very hard and his first poems should go up on the official web site any minute now. 


Official Glastonbury Festival web site:



2 thoughts on “The poets have started to arrive …

  1. We’ve just witnessed a successful attempt at breaking the UK’s ‘Most People Playing Twister At The Same Time’ record. Twister 10 / Mud Love.

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