Monday Avo … not a lot going on really …

All’s pretty quiet at Poetry & Words except for the occassional screech of a bandsaw and squelch of a radio. Not much squelching of mud except on the roads ways and immediately ooutside of P&W production office. I can hear the beep beep beep of heavy plant reversing and Benita practising her songs in her tent. Chiff chaffs are chiff chaffing away as they always do in these Somerset hedgerows. Chiff Chaff while you may for tomorrow we rock!


The P&W marquee hasn’t appeared yet although the poles are in place but the good news is that the bar is within sight of the office door…


Earlier on some crew appeared coming across the field carrying a big tent which they set up with lots of up-a-bit-down-a-bit-woah-woah-that’s-its.


Then P&W’s Paul Vallis did some health and safety on the palette we’ve put over the puddle by the door.


So, not a lot going on really except that now it’s raining really hard. But Helen’s still smiling 🙂



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