Weather Report … among other things

Hi – Annie McGann – P&W blogger here … 


I leave for the festival site early tomorrow morning. Hopefully, by then, Pete Hunter and the others on the P&W crew, will have sludge gulped the mud and levelled the ground where the lorries have ploughed the surface. I have been packing a combination of wellie boots, cocktail dresses and Nyoprene which should be just about right for the occasion. Here’s a pic of Dance Stage supremo Malcolm Haines, taken earlier today. As you can see, the ground over there is a bit of a mess but he looks happy anyway. We have a good time whatever the weather.



I bought a new party dress yesterday and as I was choosing it I was thinking about Pat VT, the late lamented founder of the Poetry & Words stage. She always looked gorgeous at Glastonbury and would emerge from her trailer in long flowing dresses, exotic jewellery and floaty scarfs. After she died I went and helped her sons to clear her home and one of the things I did was go through and sort out the evening wear she had in her wardrobe because her son Rohan wasn’t sure what to do with it all. As I went through my friend’s glorious frou I noted that all of her glamourous clothes were hemmed with an inch of Glastonbury mud. So, no complaining about ghastly mud and omska – on with the glitter and snazz – stick on the wellies and poetry on! 

Here’s a view of the festival site that Pete Hunter took this evening. Worthy Farm … peaceful … waiting …



Read the Glasto Weather Blog here:


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