The word in the village is ….

Grim news weather-wise from Worthy Farm via my friend whose mum lives in Evercreech, the village next door to Pilton: 

” Just spoke to Mum. The weather has been terrible down there and they have a severe weather warning!”

A photograph sent this afternoon, gingerly taken from the window of a site crew vehicle, seems to confirm that the ground is indeed looking decidedly soggy and one of the portable loos seems to have sunk a couple of feet into the ground. Let’s hope nobody’s in there.



Will it dry out by next week? Well, the problem is that the ground is wet and there are a lot of people and vehicles moving about and making mud as they go. The crew cordon off the areas in front of the stages so that the ground doesn’t get mashed up but as soon as the public have access they will be all over the place and so, unless there is a miracle heatwave over the weekend, I reckon that wellies will be in order. In fact, make that thigh-length rubber waders. 


Photo: Nicola Claydon. 

Update – Saturday night:  Word from crew at Block9 is  “Glasto today….mud soup! x Gross, be prepared people!” x (there’s still time – maybe it will dry out – not)

Update – Sunday afternoon:  It’s been dry today but some parts of the site are muddy. P&W crew have been stomping the ground flat where lorries have churned up the ground. Here is a link to some pics from the Official Glastonbury Festival web site:


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